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PPC Training

To learn To excel

What lies at the heart of this course?

Pay Per Click (PPC) is the most efficient digital marketing concept used to direct traffic to websites. AdBee Training’s Pay-Per-Click module helps professionals hone their skills in the field of Paid Search. In the digital frontier, a PPC-certified professional is capable of creating campaigns with amazing ROI, wherein the audience is targeted, based on interests and search history.

“Targets that need to be achieved”

Our Pay Per Click (PPC) course helps our students gain mastery in Pay Per Click and Paid Search. After completing this course, our students will :

  • Have information and dominance on different aspects of Pay Per Click promoting.
  • Be acquainted with the sale model, positioning calculations, and post-click action.
  • Comprehend the contrasts between different web search tools and how every one can influence a campaign.
  • Have the option to survey the market shared by the web crawlers.
  • Examine past and future Pay Per Click patterns.
  • Characterize, measure, and contrast keywords and pick the best which fits the promoting model.
  • Have a solid consciousness of campaign settings, how to structure a campaign, and estimating models.
  • Be capable in copy-writing, creating landing pages, and utilizing promotion gatherings.
  • Survey the market patterns to interpret which PPC campaign works for different advertisers.
  • Track clicks and the Return on Investment to decide accomplishment for each campaign.
  • Will know about Display Advertising.
  • Will gain insights into advanced Content marketing and advanced website conversion rate optimization

 You’ll gain access to high-quality content, practical sessions, a team of skilled experts who guide you every step of the way through assured placement assistance, monthly mentoring sessions that take care of your interview skills and other resources to enable you to hone the skills you’ll need to become a complete PPC specialist.

Why become an expert in PPC ?

Paid per click is the most effective way to target digital audiences and accounts for over 40 percent of all digital marketing budgets. PPC experts are responsible for planning, managing, and executing paid marketing campaigns on various media to achieve business goals such as brand awareness, lead generation, and sales conversion. This role requires a fusion of marketing and analytical skills and a full-fledged understanding of bidding methods, performance measurement, ad platforms, conversion optimization and search engine marketing to manage campaigns that drive real ROI.
There is impressive year over year growth of paid marketing and a huge global demand for pay per click experts. A few supporting facts and figures: 

  • There are 2700+ jobs in the USA and 5300+ jobs in the UK that require PPC skills
  • In India, there are 4000+ jobs on for PPC specialists

All you need to know about Google AdWords/ SEM/PPC Training Course

As this is an effective way to improve the search results in the form of extended visitors for the website, advertisers pay for a set of keywords that cost them on per click basis. In Google Ad Words we have the choice to the target audience as per geography, language, website, time and devices according to the strategy of the advertiser.

With our PPC/ SEM Training, the candidate will gain knowledge and implement PPC campaign, display campaign, re-marketing, dynamic search ads, mobile and video marketing campaigns.

Why Join our PPC Program?

  • Our PPC Trainer has 11+ Years of Experience
  • Learning how to make money online with a website
  • Live Project Exposure, with the live website of our client.
  • 100% practical oriented training.
  • 100% Placements Assistance
  • We Deliver the training as per Real-time Standards.

What to expect after the Course?

After completion of the course, you will be able to implement PPC  in real time projects.

  • Get a job as PPC Professional with our placement assistance
  • Start as Freelancer and generate income online
  • Start your own websites and start earning with Adsense and other networks.