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Internship Training

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AdBee Internship Programme

At AdBee Training, we offer internships to help fellow graduates and students who require some sort of experience or validation before joining a corporate job related to Digital Marketing; the opportunities we provide are tuned to the modern expectations of the corporate world.

We provide live projects that aid our interns by providing them in-depth experience over a wide variety of Digital Marketing techniques.

After Course Engagement

Extra Sessions (a) : In digital marketing, everything keep upgrading and change is inevitable, these sessions help our students remain updated about latest technologies and concepts; along with new platforms and tools. This also helps us, at AdBee Training to keep our alumni as influencers who can come and give a few tips to their juniors. 

Case Studies (b) : We regularly engage our students with a discussion regarding branding solutions and marketing strategies which help them understand the techniques used in the digital marketing society. We emphasize how the particular company made relevant changes as a brand and used SEO, SEM, social media, Email, content marketing, funnel marketing, combination of digital channels to achieve their objectives/targets.

Discussion Forum (c) : Furthermore, the participants get access to our Discussion Forum to raise questions and get the best possible solutions from our trainers.

Placement and Internship Assistance

Placement (i) : We prepare our students for interviews, help update their resume, share student profile with companies, and help arrange the interviews.

Internship (ii) : We at AdBee Training, unlike other institutes, have come up with an innovative after-program faculty—’INTERNSHIP ASSISTANCE FACULTY’ who help students get into companies with domains like Real-estate, marketing agencies, investment firms, banks, Electrical & Technology Companies, and other MNC’s.

Interview Preparation (iii) : Interview preparation is the most important aspect of AdBee Training which helps the students attain a level of confidence and help them achieve the expected outcomes.

AdBee Recruitment Programme

  1. All members of AdBee Training receive the following benefits:
    • i. Newsletters with updates
    • ii. Networking Opportunities and a Sharing platform

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