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Email Marketing Training

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Email Marketing Training In Trichy

Email marketing is a form of direct advertising that makes use of electronic-mail as a means of promoting goods / services or revenue raising messages to a target audience. In its wide variety of uses, each e-mail sent to a “customer” or “prospect” may be considered as email marketing. Email marketing by definition is utilizing email services to make long-lasting relationships with the appropriate clients.

Email marketing is only one segment in the vast ocean of opportunities in digital marketing, which covers online advertising and marketing through websites, social media, blogs, etc.

Why Email-Marketing is important?

  • Contact database is a must in every facet of digital marketing
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be a major factor in automation of customized emails.
  • Utilization of Visual Interaction will Increase.
  • It can be tracked and has been confirmed to be highly productive when done properly. Email marketing is often mentioned as the second best approach in advertising and is still the best online marketing tactic available today.
  • Newsletter are one way of engaging customers that keep the readers hooked and can even convert a potential customer into a conversion .
  • Email enables marketers to reach out to clients with customized,
    applicable and dynamic messages.
  • Transaction emails empower businesses to respond on a daily basis to its important clients towards events, like purchases or shop-cart neglect.

Why Choose Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a very effective platform to reach your target customer. So in this chapter we would explain how you can use email marketing for brand building. So this chapter would start with the definition of Email Marketing. After this we would explain the email Type like, SaaS/SMTP and platforms like, (Mailchimp/Juvlon/Constant Contact / Aweber).

So now we would explain how the Campaign has to be set up  and the types of Email like, (Regular, RSS, A/B Test). Now the next step would be Mailer(Splash/Series). Then the types like, HTML/RSS would be explained. Main from Id & Best practices would be explained. After that the standard quality for subject and body, spam and abuse would be explained.

What you would take away from this:-

We would also share the concept of Click Rate, Bounce Rate, Black List & White List, Opt in (Single, Double). After that we shall explain the process for UTM Tracking and Inbox Guarantee with MailChimp Practical.

  • Learn to setup promotional Email.
  • Identify and implement the suitable email from Regular, RSS, A/B Test.
  • Get assured inbox guarantee.
  • UTM Tracking

After completion of this module, you would be able to setup promotional Emails as well as operate and track their result for promoting and directing traffic to a website.

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