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Content Marketing Training

To learn To excel

Why should you learn content marketing?

Our Content Marketing Module, would help you to accentuate the online presence of any brand. It is an utmost necessity for any startup business to get leverage from content marketing. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are a student, a working professional or a businessman, this module would open new avenues for all.

The word “content marketing” has witnessed growing popularity and awareness in the past few days. Well the recent buzz is justified. Content marketing has successfully proved itself as one of the prime segment of Digital Marketing. It is also said that “content is king” in the world of online branding promotion as well as advertisement.

  • You must learn to produce engaging content for website.
  • You must acquire new visitors everyday.
  • You must know the tips and tricks of content marketing.
  • You must understand minimizing effort and maximizing output from content marketing.
  • Optimise your content so it can be searched easily.
  • Ensure and enhance the quality of the content.
  • Building a strong content marketing strategy and achieve the best ROI out of it.
  • How to earn from content marketing

We can segregate the content into these following types

Blogs and guest posts: This is one of the most common type of content that captures a big portion of whole content marketing strategy. While it is true that the art of writing is God gifted, but after learning this module, you would be able to know how to implement the technical aspects of content writing, that would help you write Digital Marketing Friendly content.

Infographics: It includes long, vertical graphics that involves statistics, charts, graphs, and other information. It is very essential for enhancing the overall look and feel. So through this module we would be teaching you the correct way to execute the infographics.

Webpages: It is very essential to get content marketing done for a webpage to get adequate result from the SEO activity. So this module would guide you to get a proper understanding on SEO friendly content.

Podcasts: Through this module we would also share the basic understanding of Podcasts. It’s a digital audio file that can be downloaded and would be received by subscribers.

Videos: Viral Video Marketing is one of the most trendiest thing. This type of content catches attention of everyone and therefore it is one of the most essential aspect of Content Marketing. So through this module, you would be able to know the pulse of video marketing.

Webinar: This also involves another segment of content marketing.Through this module you would be able to operate a Web-based seminar, involving presentation, lecture, workshop transmitted over the Web using video conferencing software. You would be able to use this, as an interactive element for sharing information.

Clickbait: You would also be able to learn the concept of click bait. This is the type of online content, which is sensational or provocative nature, and its basic aspect is to attract visitors to a particular web page.

Linkbait: This module would also help you to enhance the website content designed to attract visitors to our website and encourage the visitors to create hyperlinks to the site, with the ultimate goal to leverage the site’s position on various search engine.

AdBee Training Core modules:

1) Introduction & overview

Concept of Keywords

SEO overview

Content writing guidelines

How to do content research

2) Web content writing         

  • Blog content writing
  • Web page / service / sales page content writing
  • Micro-blog writing
  • Social posts writing (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • E-commerce product description
  • Profile writing
  • PR and article writing

3) Miscellaneous    

  • Technical content writing
  • Domain expertise based writing
  • E-learning content writing          
  • Product documentation / prototype writing   
  • Technical documentation writing
  • Story telling (interactive type)
  • Fiction / short story / movie scripting         
  • Print media writing
  • CV writing
  • Syllabus writing
  • Email drafting
  • Proposal writing

3) Ad copy writing  

  • Social ad copy writing (paid ads)
  • Google ad copy writing