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Affiliate Marketing Training

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How can you earn using affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing has been around the market for ages but people haven’t gotten around to it yet, big brands like Amazon, TATA and many other prominent companies have used affiliate marketing to such an extent that their presence is known in the entire market, many digital marketers are now using affiliate marketing techniques to generate passive income while enjoying their lavish lifestyles either at home or outside partying.

  • You must know the basic principles, strategy and pitfall of Affiliate Marketing.
  • Identify the best niche affiliates that suits for you.
  • Developing an effective strategy of Affiliate Marketing.
  • Successfully measure and necessary rectification in Affiliate Marketing to earn more.

It is about time that you reaped the benefits of earning from home and enjoying the life you always wanted

ÄdBee Training

Affiliate marketing is only a segment within digital marketing but it has its own importance, over the past few years or so, it has been very prevalent. This affiliate marketing course encompasses the fundamentals involved and will dive deep into the working strategies of marketing in terms of affiliate—publisher websites, and the merchant—advertiser websites.

You will be taken through the benefits of Affiliate marketing and how it works in the real world.

AdBee Training is the first Institute in Trichy to introduce one of the most advanced modules of affiliate marketing course in Trichy, with its all new “Earn while Learn” program, we strive to provide finest quality training to our students so that they can start earning money in ways they won’t have imagined. In this course, learn how to use affiliate marketing to increase your business productivity & how to make money online using only your smartphone and the skill of affiliate marketing.

What to expect after completion of this course :

This affiliate marketing course will enable you to start-up your own venture, provided that you have the necessary knowledge and skills required to implement the right advertisements and make an earning out of it. We provide live projects that will enable you to get hands-on training whilst also helping you to effortlessly integrate affiliate marketing into your digital marketing skills.

Affiliate Marketing Syllabus:

– Difference between referral and affiliate marketing
– Merchant
– Affiliate
– Network
– Types of Affiliate Websites


– Compensation methods
– Current and past issues
– Email spam
– Search engine spam
– Google slap
– Adware
– Trademark bidding
– Cookie stuffing
– Lack of self regulation and Industry standards

– Web design and development
– Capturing visitor credentials
– Integrating social plugins
– Integrating third party tools
– Developing plugins, add-ons, apps and widgets


– Locating and signing up with Affiliate networks
– Implementing outbound tracking links
– Driving traffic to the website
– Case study –
– Distributing plugins, add-ons, apps & widgets
– Case study – Invisible Hand
– Selling prominent ad spaces

Affiliate Marketing Course in Trichy

Affiliate Marketing is basically performance based marketing where, you can promote the product or the service of the others on your website. Through the engaging content or the Ad on your site, if the visitors purchase the product or the service, you will awarded commission. It is a wonderful way to earn money from home knowing the affiliate marketing techniques.